High Performance

Mass Storage Solutions

WildFire Storage produces software which radically increases the read and write performance of SSDs and hard disks.  The software coincidentally reduces storage system manufacturing costs and also increases the useful life of storage media.

  • Up to 30 gigabytes/sec and millions of IOPS  in 2U or less
  • Extends Flash media life 10- to 20-fold
  • Optimizes SMR performance
  • Reduces SAN manufacturing costs as much as four-fold
  • New file system varient supports massive local or SAN scale
  • Available as DIY software or single-responsibility systems

Patented ESS software was developed to overcome the performance limitations of SSD and hard disk storage.  By linearizing all writes to storage devices and arrays, ESS dramatically improves the performance, longevity, and data protection of Flash and hard-disk drives and arrays.  In doing so, ESS also reduces the build costs for enterprise storage far below any other solution.

WildFire Storage:
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