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Article Title Abstract/Comments
WFFS Preliminary Performance Results September 23, 2019.  Lists basic design goals of WFFS (WildFire File System) as well as the result of initial testing in a single SSD environment.  This white paper is abstracted from the detailed design information provided in the next white paper.
WFFS Description and Results September 27, 2019.  This paper was delivered at SDC 2019.  It describes in detail the design and programming elements used to develop the WFFS (WildFire File System) as a system matching or exceeding the data integrity of ZFS while achieving performance superior to that of EXT4 and XFS.  It also lists the result of performance of specific tests to show relative performance gains in different usage segments.
Network Performance Results September 2017; measures network performance of various network cards, and reports results for different block sizes and transmission es.
Wear Reduction by ESS June 2017; reviews ESS wear reduction techniques and their results and related consequences.
Cost Saving White Paper July 2014; reviews relative costs and performance of building appliances with ESS versus traditional Raid-5 and Raid-10 techmologies.
Contrast with ZFS October 2013; examines different properties of ZFS and ESS, and looks at data amplification which is a major problem in ZFS.
Testing Methods August 2012; Two page white paper presents comparative results between SuperCharger (now ESS 4.0) and native Linux Raid-0, -5, and -10 and analyzes the meaning and methodology of these.
Raid Performance White Paper

October 2011; 37 page white paper analyzes relative performance of Raid-5 with SuperCharger 2.0 and regular raid-5 and raid-10 settings. Paper is the first observation that SuperCharger's linear writing method generates significantly less wear amplification than does normal "random written" raid.



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