WildFire Storage Servers

All-Flash Enterprise Storage Appliances typically have an entry level price of around $60,000.  Most retail for ten to twenty dollars a gigabyte.  Accordingly, 20 terabyte units typically retail for $200,000 to $400,000.

WildFire storage has an entry-level retail price of $7,650.  A 20 terabyte system sells for just $39,450: under two dollars per usable physical gigabyte.

How is such a difference possible?  EasyCo has spent ten years developing our WIldFire Flash storage technology.  While we have achieved extremely high speed and data resilience, we have also focused on radically reducing manufacturing costs through techniques such as wear reduction, compression, and superior geometric design.  Accordingly, our manufacturing costs range as low as sixty cents a gigabyte while others remain burdened with costs as high as three and four dollars a usable physical gigabyte.

Click here to read a specification sheet which explains why WildFire Servers are the right choice for you.

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