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WildFire Storage Server v5.0.0

WIldFire Storage Server (WSS) bonds ESS with Open-E's DSS V7 SAN and NAS management software.

WSS lets you build very large, very fast, very inexpensive all-Flash storage appliances in 15 to 30 minutes.

Larger size.  WSS lets you build storage appliances with as few as two terabytes of storage and as much as 280TB of addressable space.  This is two to four times larger than the biggest single systems constructable by others.

Superior IOPS speed:  WSS will deliver 300,000 4KB random reads or writes over a 10gigE connection from an array of 8 or more SSDs configured RAID-5 or RAID-6.  Most all-flash RAID-5 solutions will only deliver 20,000 to 30,000 write IOPS. RAID-10 solutions typically deliver only 100,000 to 150,000 write IOPS with 24 SSDs.  Low write IOPS will radically slow down the total throughput of the system.  in WSS systems, random write IOPS typically execute faster than read IOPS>

Superior large record transfers.  WSS will also deliver large amounts of data.  For instance, a 24 SSD system managed by WSS will deliver almost 6GB a second through a single 40gigE port read or write, and can deliver a lot more with multiple ports and cards. (See test results.)

Superior single-job speed.  More importantly, with Linux or Windows-10 equipment, WSS will read or write several gigabytes a second single thread.  Single thread throughput greatly affects the time needed to perform all manner of big jobs, be these report generation or 4KB video rendering.  Few all-Flash storage appliances can demonstrate such performance.

This performance gain is true no matter the grade of SSD you are running.  Consumer, Read Intensive, Data Center, and Enterprise grades of SSDs will all read and write faster when managed by WSS.

Profound write reduction and life enhancement.  Like ESS, WSS dramatically reduces write amplification.  Accordingly, less expensive Consumer  or Read Intensive SSDs managed by WSS will typically last ten to forty times longer, and will be capable of a daily overwrite of all data.  But even Data Center and Enterprise SSDs will see significant life extension with WSS because many of the techniques used by ESS to reduce write amplification, such as RAID stripe alignment and compression increase the useful life of all SSDs.

Profound cost reduction.  WSS lets you use less expensive Consumer and Read Intensive SSDs while achieving or exceeding the effective data updates of Data Center media.  Because it performs best in a RAID-5 or RAID-6 environment, WSS also lets you use fewer SSDs.  The combination of these can reduce the SSD cost per usable gigabyte by as much as 75%.

Rapid setup and convenient use:  Open-E's DSS V7 GUIized SAN and NAS management software makes the use of all this speed and durability convenient. Some of the convenient features of DSS V7 include:

  GUI web-based admin which simplifies SAN and NAS deployment and management
  Easy deployment on commodity server hardware from major vendors
  vmWare and Citrix Ready certifications
  Hyper-V Cluster support
  10, 40, 56 and 100 GigE Ethernet support as well as FC and Infiniband support
  Active/Active and Active/Passive full HA for iSCSI and NFS

Affordable softwear cost.  WSS costs a small fraction of the SSD costs it reduces.  When significant cost reduction is combined with superior speed, durability, scale, and reliability, WSS generates exceptional value.


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