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Encryption at Rest for BonFire

Encryption at rest is available as an option on all BonFire devices.  BonFire encryption uses the standard encryption tools provided in Linux but with several important management twists.  The first is that encryption is moved below the RAID level.  Consequently, the data intended for each individual drive is treated as a separate process thread, spread out over all the available CPU cores, thus preventing a single-thread choak-point.  This greatly increases write rates.

A significant problem with encryption at rest is the need to manually re-enter the security key each time a system is rebooted, as the data cannot be stored on permanent storage media (HDDs, SSDs, etc.) without placing the stored data at risk.  BonFire's ability to manage multiple servers from a single point, and the concurrent interconnectedness of all server nodes, allows the storage of a system's keys in the main memory (RAM) of each system in the same management group.  Thus, after a machine has launched encryption once, it can fetch a set of keys from another system rather than waiting for a human operator, even though this data is never permanently stored on any storage media.

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